Real estate and property in Greece

How to find real estate and property in Greece

Our experienced team of lawyers and associates will assist you to find the exact real estate and property suitable to your needs - for purchase, lending or investment all over Greece (home, apartment, holiday house, land, rural plot, office, industrial/warehouse land, etc). The consultations provided by our specialists about the properties and the intermediary agencies are of great importance and a precondition for valid and legally binding contract and services.

Presentation of the real estate and property

The real estate agency will provide the technical characteristics and location of the properties to you and to your consultants, technicians and accountants in order to broaden your choices.

Legal due diligence and identity of the real estate and property

After finding the property of your choice, our experienced lawyers will undertake the complete legal due diligence of the real estate or property. We will provide you a report with legal appraisal of the identity of the property, title search at the Land Registry Office and/or at the Cadastre Office at the property’s region, including the lawful right of the vendor and his predecessors in title and any encumbrances (such as mortgages, pre-notices of a mortgage, loans etc).

Negotiations with the vendor(s)

Following the instructions of the clients, our law firm will undertake the evaluation of the real estate/property and the negotiations of the price, payment mode or settlement and all terms and conditions of the purchase contract, always in direct contact with and as per the clients’ order.

Preparation and signature of the notarial act of property transfer

The signature of the act of property transfer takes place before a notary. In cooperation with our notaries, we will undertake the drafting of the notarial act, collection of the relevant legal and appropriate supporting documents, filling and submission of the applications to the competent Tax Office for the property transfer tax return, organization of the signing of the notarial act of property transfer.

Acquiring of tax identification number and registration of physical/legal entities at the competent Internal Revenue Office

Our law company will undertake the registration of the physical persons and/or legal entities at the competent Internal Revenue Office and the obtaining of a tax identification number (AFM).

Recordation of the transfer of title

Law 4164/2013 introduced a new institution in Greece - the Hellenic National Land Registry (cadastre). According to this law all properties must be registered in the official records and obtain Identification number. Our experienced team will undertake the recordation of the transfer of title which takes place either at the relevant Land Registry Office or at the Hellenic National Land Registry (cadastre) of the region where the property is located, after the submission of the required documents, along with an application and the payment of the recordation fees.

Opening of bank account

Our law office will undertake the procedures for the opening of bank account in the name of our clients - physical persons or legal entities, filing of the applications and all related documents as well as following up and updating the activation of the bank account.

Granting of residence permit

In application of law N.4251/2014 our specialized lawyers will undertake for our clients -third-country citizens the procedure to obtain a residence permit in Greece for five years and to follow up its renewals, provided the minimum value of the property is euro 250.000. Depending on each case, specific documentation may need to be submitted and we will guide and assist you. This type of residence permit will give you the possibility to travel in all Schengen-member European countries.

A residence permit will be granted also to the family members of the owners of real estate/ property, wife and children.

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