Immigration law

Legalization of aliens, Green Card / Permanent Residence

Application filing and legal support at the points of aliens reception, that is, at the pertinent services of Municipalities, of Aliens and Migration Divisions of the pertinent Community, of the pertinent Aliens and Migration Division of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and of the pertinent services of Police's Aliens Departments.



Work permit which includes the following types of permit:

1. Dependent labor or provision of independent services or work

2. Seasonal work

3. Executives

4. Temporary movement for provision of service

5. Athletes - Trainers

6. Entertainers

7. Copyright owners

8. Members of foreign schools of archaeology



Residence permit for independent business including the following types of permit:

1. Independent business

2. Investors



Residence permit for special reasons including the following types of permit:

1. Studies

2. Professional training

3. Trainees - Special programs

4. Studies in military schools

5. Acquisition of medical specialization

6. Financially independent individuals

7. Adult children of diplomatic employees

8. Serving staff of diplomatic missions

9. Foreign press reporters

10. Religious representatives of recognized religions

11. School of Athoniada

12. Study, acquaintance and practice of monasticism

13. Tour operators

14. Researchers



Residence permit for exceptional reasons including the following types of permit:

1. Humanitarian reasons

2. Public interest

3. Victims of human trafficking



Residence permit for family reunion including the following types of permit:

1. Family members of a third Country's national

2. Separate residence permit for family members of a national of a third country

3. Family members of a Greek or European Union citizen





Recalling of Alien for labor, tourism, special programs, etc

Recalling for labor

Application filing at Municipality's services and supervising them as well as offering them legal support at the pertinent Aliens and Migration Divisions of the Community.

Recalling for tourism

Application filing at the pertinent service of the Hellenic consulate in the State of settlement of the alien and supervision of the procedure.


Entry Visa for Alien

Citizens of the European Union who enter in Greece without VISA. Their ID card or passport has to be valid for the entire period of stay in Greece. Greece is a member of the Schengen Convention which pertains entry visa issues. Here below is a list of visa's categories as per the entry grounds, as well as a list of the countries for which a visa is required or not required.


Judicial protection

Judicial deportation of alien

Administrative deportation of alien

Illegal entrance in the country

Objections against provisional detainment

Petition for Annulment and Petition for Suspension with provisional ruling at the pertinent administrative District Court


Political Asylum

Geneva Convention and Presidential Decree 61/1999

Geneva Convention - Refugees and stateless persons are protected by the Fourth Geneva Convention.

Geneva Convention


Presidential Decree 61/1999

Procedure of recognition of foreign refugee, rescission of recognition and expulsion of him, entrance authorization for his family members and collaboration with the representative of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in Greece.


Presidential Decree 61/1999 (In Greek)

Refugee reception

Temporary residence permit to refugees - red card.

Special Expatriate Identity Card

Naturalization of alien, Greek citizenship



Citizenship is the legal status of a person to a particular country.

Nationality is the status of individual's belonging to a particular nation.

Alien is a person who is not a citizen of the country and has not acquired citizenship by naturalization in the country of residence. In Greece, there are resident aliens officially permitted to live in the country and illegal aliens who have sneaked into the country or stayed beyond the time allowed on a visa.

Homogenous alien is a person who does not have a Greek citizenship but has a Greek nationality. He is alien who is connected with the Greek nation on the grounds of common history, language and religion, with common morals and customs.

Stateless person is the one who is without citizenship in any country, he is not considered as a national under the law of any state.   

Refugee is a person who meets the requirements of Article 1 (A) of the Geneva Convention.